Sell your house in September!

Why you should sell your house in September

Spring, the season of new beginnings is a favourite time to sell but there’s good reasoning to sell your house in September too. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s simple really! Upsizers (usually families) tend to look for a larger property at three times of the year: autumn, spring and early summer which surprise, surprise: are all new term times! In September, with schools re-opened for a new academic year it can feel like a new start for parents (maybe in your home).

Why sell your house in September?

Who can blame parents for waiting until the kids are at school to sell? It’s a lot easier to keep your home looking tidy for potential buyers when the kids are at school for most of the day. And house hunting? Can you imagine trying to view a house with little ones running around or whining because they’re tired, bored or hungry? Oh the stress! Child-free parents can view homes much more relaxed and in a good state of mind to ask questions and make a decision. These are many good reasons to sell your house in September!

Sell when it’s cold outside!

Besides, parents like to make the most of the school holidays to do other things like fun day trips to zoos and adventure playgrounds or going away on a guaranteed sunshine break. Summer holidays are usually spent outdoors enjoying the garden so upsizers don’t feel like they’re fighting for space until the weather turns much cooler. It’s in the autumn when everyone starts to retreat indoors due to the colder weather and dark evenings, this is when homeowners start to think they don’t have enough space and need a bigger house.

If you decide to sell your house in September, it may result in a quick sale as upsizers are keen to move into their new home and start enjoying it for the upcoming festive period. This motivates both buyers and sellers to move things along quicker than usual when they have a deadline in mind.

Wondering whether to sell your house in September or wait until the new year? Ask us! We’d be happy to help.

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