Top 10 haunted Leicester houses

Haunted Leicester Houses

BOO! How many haunted Leicester houses have you visited?

Here are the top ten haunted Leicester houses or landmarks – have you had an unexplained hair-raising feeling when visiting?

1. Braunstone Hall:

Including a young woman, hunters believe that there are a number of phantoms who call Braunstone Hall their home along with those pulled in carriages by black horses.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Braunstone Hall

2. The Talbot Public House, Thurcaston Road

It is believed that there are a number of residents in the pub, from a young child sitting on the bar stool to a phantom woman escaping through the wall.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Talbot Public House

3. The Guildhall

Thought to be one of the most haunted places in the entire county, it’s believed to be home to the White Lady who reportedly resides in the library.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Guildhall

4. The Royal Hotel, Ashby

A 19th Century listed building has endured rumours of ghostly goings on for a long time, reported by staff and guests.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Ashby

5. Three Swans Hotel, Market Harborough

This pub, mentioned in the Domesday Book, is thought to be haunted by a former landlord. The Three Swans Hotel, in High Street, was logged in the historic tome as The Swan, and has been a hub of mysterious activity.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Three Swans Hotel

6. Abbey Pumping Station

Ghost hunters believe that an engineer fell to his death in the engine house, and now makes noises while playing with the lights.

Haunted Leicester - Abbey Pumping Station

7. Aylestone Hall

Sightings of a phantom woman wearing black have been spotted at night at the Grade II listed building which was a boarding school in 1846.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Aylestone

8. Belgrave Hall

In 1998, video footage at Belgrave Hall believed were believed to be images of Charlotte Ellis, one of seven sisters who lived at the stately home during the mid-19th and early 20th Centuries and died in 1917, aged 81.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Belgrave

9. Bosworth Hall

The scene of a tragic 18th century affair between Ann Dixie and her gardener in which her father, Sir Wolston Dixie set a trap to try and catch her daughter’s lover. Unfortunately, the trap which had been set caught Ann and killed her.

Haunted Leicester Houses - Bosworth

10. Bradgate Park

The carriage of Leicester’s best-known phantom is said to race through Bradgate Park between the old church and the ruins of her home, after being executed in 1554.