Why you Should get a RICS Survey on your Leicester Property

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In these cash strapped times, many of us find ourselves on the hunt for a bargain, or looking for ways to cut corners when it comes to avoiding extra expense. But, with the cost of buying a new home, can you really afford to go without the reassurance of a full building survey?

Chances are your home will be the most expensive thing that you will buy in your lifetime. And often people rely on the mortgage valuation to give them an idea of whether they’re getting a good price or not. But, when you consider that the mortgage valuation is done on behalf of the mortgage company and not the buyer, not to mention the fact that the valuer may not even enter the property to value it, how can you guarantee that you know what you’re buying?

A survey by ComRes on behalf of the Royal Institute of Chartered Engineers (RICS) recently revealed that one in five people who didn’t have a building survey done on their home before buying it, later uncovered costly repairs which would cost them almost £6,000. And 17% of new home owners found that the cost of making their home habitable was over £12,000.

So, while avoiding the cost of a survey might save you money in the short term, this could mean a much greater spend on the cost of undiscovered repairs further down the line – an excellent reason why you should get a RICS survey on your Leicester property.

What are the benefits of a RICS survey?

The benefits of a RICS survey include the chance to have a full inspection of important utilities, such as the electrics and water supply. It will also highlight other issues which can make a home uninhabitable, such as damp.

A RICS survey will go far more in depth than a mortgage valuation, taking into account any defects or repairs needed, which, as well as potentially affecting the price you should be paying, will also come in useful after completion.

On top of giving you a report on the condition of the property, a professional RICS surveyor will be able to advise on any plans you might have to extend it, or make any structural alterations. They will also be able to offer advice and guidance based on your individual circumstances, offering a true market value of the property that you are interested in.

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When looking for a home survey, buyers can have peace of mind in knowing that a RICS qualified surveyor will work to the highest industry standards to ensure the protection of them and their family. There are various levels of survey that can be commissioned on a property too, depending on features such as whether it is a new build, or much older property, which would require something more in-depth.

At Readings we are RICS qualified and our surveyors are able to carry out the survey which will be most suitable for your circumstances, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are making a safe step forward without unnecessary spend.

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