25 Tips to Help Sell your House

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If you’re selling a property, it can be a bonus if it’s in a desirable area or great location, but there are also plenty of things that, as a seller, you can do yourself to make your home more appealing.

Often much of what makes the sale speedy and more profitable can be the way the house is presented. Here are 25 tips to help sell your house which you might find handy if you’re looking to start the viewing process.

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First impressions count, so spruce up your front garden, give your front door a lick of paint and make your home look welcoming from the start. Who knows who might be driving by and spot that it’s for sale?

    • Perhaps if you’ve got a nice car, consider leaving that on the drive and giving the driveway a good pressure wash before you do.
    • In a similar way to the front of the house, ensure the entrance hall is pleasing to the senses. Paint it in neutral colours, keep it smelling fragrant, looking tasteful and REMOVE THE CLUTTER!
    • Carry this theme throughout by keeping the whole house clutter free and the walls painted in light colours to enhance the space.
    • Also, get rid of any nasty smells that might be lingering about, such as blocked drains, stale cigarette smoke or strong cooking smells. Get to the source of it and remove it, rather than trying to cover it up.
    • Look to keep the property smelling nice, maybe with a freshly brewed pot of coffee, baked bread or beautiful flowers to enhance the look and feel.
    • Make the most of the lighting in your home, as somewhere that is bright and sunny or well-lit comes across much better.
    • Ensure all light bulbs are in good working order and keys are available for French doors and windows, should they need to be opened.
    • Get your windows sparkly clean and properly dressed with nice blinds or curtains, as not only will it help more light to come into the property, but it will look more attractive too.
    • Regularly keep the windows open in the lead up to viewings to let the air circulate.
    • Depersonalise the house, by removing personal photographs, artwork or ornaments, making it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there.
    • Keep pets away during viewings – an allergic reaction is never a good experience to take away from a house viewing and even if buyers love animals, your pet may draw attention away from the things that you really want them to see.
    • Also look to move pet water bowls, litter trays etc out of sight.
    • Make sure your back garden is well kept, attractive, has nice, clean furniture in it and looks like a good place to relax in and entertain.
    • Ensure the house is spotlessly clean. Make the idea of living there a pleasing thought and remove any dirt, mess and detritus that might be lying around.
    • Clean the carpets and get them looking and smelling great.
    • In the same way that you should remove the clutter and put it into storage, take out any large pieces of furniture that might make the room look small.
    • Make the most of feature fireplaces. Perhaps look to have a welcoming roaring fire going?
    • Put your DIY skills into practice by carrying out any minor repairs that need doing, such as cracked tiles or holes in the walls.
    • The kitchen is the room that can make or break a sale. If your kitchen desperately needs updating, but you don’t want to spend on a total refit, consider new cabinet doors and worktops and uncluttered surfaces.
    • Remove toiletries, bath toys, medication and all the other personal things that tend to gather in the bathroom. Make sure it’s spotlessly clean and put out clean and nicely folded towels which compliment the colour of the bathroom.
    • Use large mirrors in appropriate places to again enhance the size of the room.
    • Consider removing doors to create a bigger and better feel for your living space.
    • Plump the cushions nicely, straighten the curtains and tidy up the bookshelves, when removing clutter.
    • Choose a good estate agent who will show the property to buyers in the very best light.

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If you are looking to sell your property and want to make the most out of it, it really does pay to take time in getting it looking the best it can be, for both the speed of sale and the money you will stand to make from it.

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