Viewing a property with 8 top tips!

new home

Viewing your potential home can be a very exciting time – but before you sign your name on the dotted line and hand over your hard-earned fees, make sure you’ve read these 8 tips!


What are the local amenities like?
For the days you just need milk and bread but don’t want to venture to the supermarket, is there somewhere you can grab your essentials? What’s the selection of takeaways/pubs like? Are there any gym/exercises classes local?

Have you got enough room?
You might love everything about the property, but will you fit all your belongings in there? Make sure to measure the rooms, and account for furniture. Additional storage is also a must, so check whether you have access to the attic!

Is there damp in any areas of the house?
Though damp can be manageable, it’s best to be avoided; especially when renting a property. Check the walls near windows and radiators, and have an extra check of the bathroom. If you can’t see any don’t be fooled, It might have been painted over! Ask the estate agents whether the property has previously suffered from damp.

Is it double-glazed?
It might not seem like a big deal, but double-glazing will save you a bundle when it comes to heating your property. It’s often that not all windows in a property are the same, so make sure to check all the windows thoroughly!

What’s the crime rate of the area like?
It’s good to be aware of what goes on in the area you want to live in. Don’t let it put you off completely, but it is good to be aware. Check out to check reported crimes in your area.

How long did the last tenants stay in the property?
This is a good way to indicate whether the last tenants enjoyed their time at the property. If it was a quick turnover you could assume there were issues, whether it was with the letting agency or the property itself.

What’s the parking situation like?
Not everyone is lucky enough to have a driveway, sometimes street parking is the only option! But is there a residents scheme in place? If not, you will more than likely struggle to find a space on your way home from work if moving to a busy area.

Have you taken it for a test drive?
Don’t feel embarrassed about testing the pipes to see whether they work. What’s the water pressure like? Does the toilet flush properly? These are the issues tenants/buyers tend to get stuck with when it’s too late.