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25 Tips to Help Sell your House

If you’re selling a property, it can be a bonus if it’s in a desirable area or great location, but there are also plenty of things that, as a seller, you can do yourself to make your home more appealing. Often much of what makes the sale speedy and more profitable can be the way… Read more »

Readings guide to buying at auction

Auctions can be massively exhilarating and exciting experiences, especially if you’ve seen a property you love and ultimately end up getting a fantastic deal on it. Often you will find a huge variety of properties available when you visit an auction. They could be there because of their unusual or unique features, because they need… Read more »

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House prices in Leicester climbing

It’s always nice to hear a bit of good news, especially when it comes to one of the most expensive things we might buy in our lifetime. And it’s even better news, in these cash strapped times, when we hear it could make us money! There are certainly some exciting things happening in house buying… Read more »